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  1. 401 errors in API requests

  2. 401错误

  3. 403 or 429 error in API request

  4. 403,429错误

  5. Am I able to use the APIs without an internet connection to run locally?

  6. API - Custom Vision. Can't find a Limited Trial Project?

  7. Are the APIs available for Android, iOS, and Windows?

  8. Are the APIs HIPPA compliant?

  9. Changes to API Endpoints effective 1/17/17

  10. Client-side SDKs

  11. Computer Vision - C# Code Sample

  12. Computer Vision - Java Code sample

  13. Computer Vision - PHP Code Sample

  14. Computer Vision - Python Code Sample

  15. Content Moderator FAQ

  16. Do you support bulk upload of images?

  17. How can I use regular expressions (RegEx)?

  18. How do I get more than 50 search results returned?

  19. How do I get subscription keys?

  20. How do I regenerate my keys?

  21. iOS STT doesn't work with Unity Audio Source

  22. I’d like to get related search suggestions.

  23. LUIS score

  24. Moderating videos for adult content

  25. My application stopped working after updating to the latest Bing Speech Library/Sample

  26. No faces detected using Face API

  27. Platform support

  28. Primary vs Secondary keys

  29. Protection from illegal, child exploitation images

  30. Purchase higher usage

  31. Purchasing APIs from China

  32. Python Wrapper - Vision

  33. Research Papers for Cognitive Service APIs

  34. Terms of Service & Developer Code of Conduct

  35. Trouble logging in

  36. What happens to my key when I upgrade?

  37. What is the text length limit on Bing Speech - Text to Speech API

  38. When to use the Content Moderator API vs. the review tool, or both

  39. Where can I find answers to frequently asked questions about LUIS?

  40. 主Key和次Key

  41. 图片批量上传

  42. 在Azure里面升级API后Key是否会改变

  43. 在Azure里面如何升级API

  44. 开发者行为守则

  45. 微信公众号

  46. 支持平台

  47. 有关商用

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