API - Translator Text: My CAT tool isn't working and is asking for the Client ID and Client Secret

Question: I have a CAT* tool which is asking me for the Client ID and Client Secret credentials to use my Microsoft Translator subscription. It isn't working now. What do I do?

Answer: The Microsoft Translator API switched the method of authentication in October 2016, and turned off the Client ID and Client Secret method on May 1, 2017. The new authentication method is using a key.

You will need to obtain/download an updated version of your CAT tool from the software provider.

The updated version should ask you for your Microsoft Translator Text API subscription key. The steps of obtaining a Translator Text API subscription key in the Azure portal are explained here.  

You will then copy one of the two keys you receive in your Translator Text API subscription account into the "subscription key" or similarly labeled field in your software. As an example, here the makers of the CAT tool "Fluency" explain how this works with Fluency's software.

*CAT = Computer Aided Translation

For developers of CAT tools:
If you are a developer of CAT tools, or a developer of any tool that offers translation functions to users: The most convenient method for your users to consume translation is if the user doesn't have to sign up to the Microsoft Translator API separately. You can offer translation functions in your product under your own subscription, and pass on the consumption cost to your users. Use the Microsoft Translator Contact Us form if you have any questions.  

Originally published May 17, 2017


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