API and Customization: Confidentiality

Microsoft Translator Text API and Translator Speech API:

Microsoft does not share the data or audio you submit for translation with anybody. Microsoft does not take any samples of any text or audio submitted for translation using the Translator Text API or Translator Speech API. More information is outlined in the No-Trace webpage.


The material you use for training using Translator Hub or Custom Translator is stored encrypted in your workspace. Microsoft will not share the data with anyone else. Custom Translator uses your submitted documents to provide your personalized translation system and does not use it to improve the Translator service.
The documents you upload to Custom Translator will be stored in Europe and in the United States, until you delete them or until your account expires. 

Translator Hub users may invite whoever you like into the workspace, identified by an email address and authenticated with a Microsoft Account. You are responsible for initiating and controlling such sharing. The people you designate as co-owner have access to your training material and training runs the same way you have. Microsoft may use the data in your workspace to improve Microsoft Translator only if the "Keep data private" box in the Settings tab on the Translator Hub is unchecked.
The documents you upload to Translator Hub will be stored in the United States, until you delete them or until your account expires. 

Copyright and Intellectual Property:

Translation, or use of a document for training on the Microsoft Translator Hub and on Custom Translator, does not alter the ownership of the intellectual property contained therein. 

Last update: June 28, 2018

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