API - Translator Text / Speech: Get a report of your consumption

When you are subscribed to the S1 pricing tier, Pay As You Go, for either the Microsoft Translator Text API or Translator Speech API in the Azure portal, you receive a day-by-day report of your consumption in a.csv file in the Azure billing portal. To view the report, follow the steps below.

There is a 24-hour delay between the actual consumption and when it is displayed in the report. To see the Microsoft Translator API consumption, filter by Meter Category = Cognitive Services. The report will display one line per day per service.

Consumption monitoring for all of the Microsoft Translator API subscription tiers is currently available in your Azure portal dashboard. The graphs are customizable based on the parameters available and can display usage for <30 days. For the monthly commitment tiers, such as the S2, S3 and S4 pricing tiers, when you reach the monthly commitment volume for those tiers during a subscription month, your usage goes into Overage. Generally, you will see a quantity of "1" in the Daily Units column in the .csv file. You'll know you're in Overage when you see in the "Daily Units' column a Quantity greater than "1".

Learn how to download or view your billing invoice and usage data at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/billing/billing-download-azure-invoice-daily-usage-date

To view the Azure billing report (.csv file):
1) Visit https://account.windowsazure.com/Subscriptions
2) Choose the name of your Azure subscription
3) Choose the "Download usage details" link, on the right side of the page
4) Choose "Download usage"

Updated on September 21, 2017


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