API - Translator Text: Profanity filtering in the TranslateArray() method

The TranslateArray() method has a profanity filtering option. Normally, the Microsoft Translator service will retain profanity that is present in the source in the translation. The degree of profanity and the context that makes words profane differ between cultures, and as a result the degree of profanity in the target language may be amplified or reduced.

If you want to avoid getting profanity in the translation, regardless of the presence of profanity in the source text, you can invoke profanity filtering on the translation. The option allows you to choose whether you want to see profanity deleted or marked with appropriate tags, or no action taken.

The TranslateArray method takes an “options” parameter, which contains the new element “ProfanityAction”. The accepted values of ProfanityAction are “NoAction”, “Marked” and “Deleted”.
ProfanityAction valueActionExample

NoActionDefault. Same as not setting the option. Profanity will pass from source to target.彼はジャッカスです。He is a jackass.
MarkedProfane words will be surrounded by XML tags <profanity> … </profanity>. 彼はジャッカスです。He is a <profanity>jackass</profanity>.
DeletedProfane words will be removed from the output without replacement. 彼はジャッカスです。He is a.
This is implemented in all flavors of the API: SOAP, REST and AJAX.

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