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Now available: Customize neural and speech translation with the new Custom Translator

Custom Translator allows you to customize Microsoft Translator’s neural machine translation when translating text using the Microsoft Translator Text API v3, and speech translation using unified Speech services.

When used with Speech, you can also use the Custom Speech portal to customize speech transcription to better understand the user’s voice, subject matter, or work better in noisy environments, and the Custom Voice portal to customize the text to speech voice output.

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Below is a list of resources to get you started using the Microsoft Translator Hub. Microsoft Translator has made changes to the Collaborative Translation functions for GDPR compliance and any reference to the Collaborative Translations Framework (CTF) in the videos can be ignored. 

More information is in the API Version Compatibility and Customization article.

Microsoft Translator Hub User Guide

The user guide for the Hub contains everything you need to know to build a custom translation system.

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How do BLEU scores work?

This video explains what the BLEU score is, what it indicates, and what to pay attention to when reading and comparing the score.

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Translator Hub Video Playlist

View all videos about the Microsoft Translator Hub in this YouTube playlist.

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Hub API Guide

Drive the Hub functionality from your own client or server application.

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Last updated July 12, 2018



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