Changes to API Endpoints effective 1/17/17

If your API is currently using the "api.projectoxford.api" endpoint, you need to switch to the new API endpoint starting January 17, 2017. If you are using any of the following APIs: Bing Speech, Computer Vision, Emotion, Face, Video, Speaker Recognition, Language Understanding, Linguistic Analysis,WebLM, Academic Knowledge, and Entity Linking, we’re retiring the “api.projectoxford.api” endpoints because of support issues. To know for certain if your app is affected, visit and click on the “API Reference” button for your API.

If you are currently using these Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs listed above, and actively making API calls, please switch to the new endpoint soon. If you continue to use the legacy endpoint after January 17, 2017, you may experience latency. All legacy API endpoints will be deprecated on April 15, 2017 so be sure to make the change in the next 90 days. We thank you for your cooperation as we continue to improve our services.


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