Research Papers for Cognitive Service APIs

General Interest:




Video APIs:


Emotion APIs:




  • Simard, P., Chickering, D., Lakshmiratan, A., Charles, D., Bottou, L., Suarez, C.G.J., Grangier,D., Amershi,S., Verwey,J., Suh,J.: Ice: Enabling non-experts to build models interactively for large-scale lopsided problems.  [cs.AI], Microsoft Research (2014)


Vision APIs:


  • Kaiming He, Xiangyu Zhang, Shaoqing Ren, and Jian Sun. Spatial Pyramid Pooling in Deep Convolutional Networks for Visual Recognition. In Proceedings of European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV),  2014.


Face APIs


Speech APIs:

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