Knowledge Base

  1. General and FAQ 

    1. Research Papers for Cognitive Service APIs
    2. Current Supported Languages for Each API
    3. Terms of Service & Developer Code of Conduct
    4. How do I regenerate my keys?
    5. Are the APIs available for Android, iOS, and Windows?
  2. Getting Started with the APIs 

    1. How do I get subscription keys?
    2. Purchase higher usage
    3. What happens to my key when I upgrade?
    4. Primary vs Secondary keys
    5. Platform support
  3. Computer Vision 

    1. Computer Vision - C# Code Sample
    2. Computer Vision - Java Code sample
    3. Computer Vision - PHP Code Sample
    4. Computer Vision - Python Code Sample
    5. Python Wrapper - Vision
  4. Content Moderator 

    1. Content Moderator FAQ
    2. When to use the Content Moderator API vs. the review tool, or both
    3. Protection from illegal, child exploitation images
    4. Moderating videos for adult content
  5. Bing Search (Web, Image, Video, News, AutoSuggest) 

    1. How do I get more than 50 search results returned?
    2. I’d like to get related search suggestions.
  6. Bing Speech 

    1. What is the text length limit on Bing Speech - Text to Speech API
    2. My application stopped working after updating to the latest Bing Speech Library/Sample
    3. iOS STT doesn't work with Unity Audio Source
  7. LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligent Service) 

    1. Can I use more than 10 Entities?
    2. How can I use regular expressions (RegEx)?
    3. Can I modify the LUIS model through code in a bot?
    4. What is the difference between exchangeable and non-exchangeable phrase list features?
    5. What does the datetime pre-build entity in LUIS use, UTC or the user’s machine clock?
  8. Translator 

    1. Announcements: Action Required before April 30, 2017 - Microsoft Translator Moves to Azure
    2. Announcements: CTF Action Required before April 30, 2017 - Migrate your collaborative translations from Azure DataMarket
    3. API - Speech: Speech Translation API References
    4. API - Text: Gender selection in the Speak() method
    5. API - Text: How to report an issue with the API
  9. All articles 

    1. Client-side SDKs
    2. Do you support bulk upload of images?
    3. How do I get subscription keys?
    4. 401 errors in API requests
    5. 403 or 429 error in API request

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