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RecognizeText(Printed) is not recognizing the pound symbol (£)

I have many cases of pictures of texts where one can find a pound sign (£) but the sign is NEVER correctly recognized by Azure Cognitive Services RecognizeText API, as far as I tested. Other symbols, like the dollar sign ($) for example, are identified without problems.

I made tests with print screens of texts containing £, since these should be easy for the OCR tool to convert, and again the pound sign is not correctly identified (it becomes an f, a 2, a 1, a $ etc).

I am suspecting that the pound sign is not included in the set of characters that the tool supports, although I couldn't find a specific mention of that in the documentation (only that the tool is experimental and is optimized for English).
Has anyone been able to correctly convert a £ using the tool, or does anyone know FOR SURE (possibly through documentation) that £ is not included in their character set?

I attached one example of a very easy image which is correctly parsed except for the pound symbol £.

One thought: sometimes, completely ignoring the existence of the symbol would be better than parsing it as something else. For example, when parsing the correct price £2,00, it would be OK to receive 2,00 but converting £ to 1 (it has happened with me) makes the price change to 12,00, which completely changes the content of the information.


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  • Ana-Maria commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    We are having the same problem, never have we found the pound symbol. Mostly we get E, f, $, L, which we are handling, but the problem is when we get 2, 6, 5 instead of the pound symbol as get an incorrect amount (£55.00 converted as 655.00). Really interested on this matter.

  • Elisio Quintino commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I wonder if anyone from Microsoft's team had the time to take a look at this. It has been one month without activity.

    Best regards, Elisio

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